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@ -36,35 +36,7 @@ NODE_ENV=<node environment mode>
PORT=<port offering this service>
* create group and user <service name>
like this [setup](
* adjust group and user privileges
sudo chown -R <service name>:<service name> /opt/<archive name>
* prepare pm2 like this [setup](
* start the service as npm start script with PM2
cd /opt/<archive name>
pm2 start --name <archive name> npm -- start --watch
* register/save the current list of processes you want to manage using PM2 so that they will re-spawn at system boot (every time it is expected or an unexpected server restart)
pm2 save
* restart your system, and check if all the serviceis running under PM2
pm2 ls
pm2 status
* setup pm2 like [this](
* configure web server as proxy for instance with this