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monitoring data from GTFS feed

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Setup
  4. Next Steps


This repository provides a service for GNU/Linux operating system. As a front end service, it interacts with this API.

Quick Start Guide


  • check out project on a GNU/Linux development system and change into the project root folder
git clone git@github.com:Software-Ingenieur-Begerad/gtfs-display.git
  • run the following instruction to install dependenies
npm i

Development setup

  • run the following instruction to start the service in development mode
npm run start

Production deployment

  • run the following instruction to build the service for a production host
npm run build

Next Steps

  • Which agency has already delivered data?
    How long is the delivered data valid?
  • Show 1/2/3/4 weeks in the past, present and future how many trips of agencies are available or valid!
    Does the number of trips change significantly? Is it a gap in data delivery?
  • Subpages or pages should not need to do a full reload of data for UI interaction or pages or subpages switches!