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OTP setup for VBN

  • Download GTFS data from connect Fahrplanauskunft GmbH
  • Download osm map data from geofabrik
  • Get bounding box for VBN from https://boundingbox.klokantech.com/
  • csv:7.6966,52.4508,9.6501,53.8503
  • Extract VBN map data using the tool osmconvert creating the file
  • cd ~/vbn/otp/
  • osmconvert ???.osm.pbf.ln -b=??? --complete-ways -o=vbn.pbf
  • The output file is called vbn.pbf
  • Build a street graph with OSM and elevation data only (ignoring transit input files)
  • java -Xmx2G -jar otp.jar --buildStreet .
  • The output file is called streetGraph.obj
  • Build a graph layering transit data on top of the saved street graph (built using the previous command)
  • java -Xmx2G -jar otp.jar --loadStreet --save .
  • The output file is called graph.obj
  • Finally, the server can be started using the --load parameter
  • java -Xmx2G -jar otp.jar --load .