Proof of Concept of Opencoin mint with REST API and CrowCpp
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opencoin-issuer-cpp - a C++ OpenCoin Issuer REST-API implementation

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opencoin issuer

this is a C++ implementation of the opencoin protocol done as mapping to some kind of REST interface.

As all issuer related interactions of the protocol follows a request/response mechanism we are able to map all of them to Http-Requests.

We decided to use POST-Requests in all cases, as the protocol uses JSON-formatted messages for requests.

The following table gives an overview of the mapping of requests to URLs:

Request URL Response C++ Interface Method
RequestCDDCSerial /cddc/serial ResponseCDDCSerial cdd.cdd_serial of Model::get_current_cddc()
RequestCDDC /cddc ResponseCDDC Model::get_current_cddc()
RequestMKCs /mkcs ResponseMKCs Model::getMKCs
RequestMint /mint ResponseMint Model::mint
RequestRenew /renew ResponseMint or ResponseDelay ?
RequestResume /resume ResponseMint or ResponseDelay ?
RequestRedeem /redeem ResponseRedeem Model::redeem

actually the implementation is a work in progress.


  • blinding utilizing crypto++
  • integrate session and login to make transactions account based
  • bookkeeping for accounts

Protocol Questions

Blinding Notes

alternative implementation using openssl